Serving the greater Puget Sound region from Tacoma to Everett, from Seattle to Snoqualmie, and beyond.

Starting at $150

includes MLS quality still photo and Drone photos …….

 client section examples – click here




Drone works – real estate, homes, waterfront – anything is possible

comprehensive exterior elevations and territorial views

Interior Video Shoots

A photo is worth a thousand words… a video is worth 10 thousand words

STILL & DRONE photos – $325 package samples

Classic MLS ground still photography

Impressive aerial drone photography

HD VIDEO Package – 4K / HD ground camera works

Using traditional ground cameras

straight video or with mixed stills


Another Exterior Drone Works

you choose the audio – … or risk it all and let me choose 🙂



Photographs prepared the way you want them… bright, soft, rich and luxurious – your choice.   5 key techniques for ultra high end results are:

HDR processing (High Dynamic Range)

Lens correction – vignetting, barrel distortion and other wide angle adjustments

Object correction – there are limits to what HDR can handle

Object removal – glare in windows, security signs, garbage cans and even construction debri

Northwest special – replacing grey skies with blue


  • All photos fully edited using the full power of Adobe Photoshop
  • Photos are provided via convenient download via the client section and or email
  • up to 40 photos – 25 for the MLS and up to 15 others on larger estates if needed.
  • 24-48 hour processing.
  • Photos are delivered with a resolution suitable for printing and web photos too.


A home with an equestrian complex or mother-in-law abode may require additional photos
A minimum of 3 shots and up to 5 (occasionally 6 or 7) with various exposure settings are required for HDR editing
Wide angle lens are necessary for expansive interior shots, and they WILL produce warped and slanted photos – there is no way to avoid this. See sample photos showing before and after lens correction and decide if this level of editing is right for you. Lens correction is included in all CannedSwank photography.
Minor editing included for all photos, removing a security sign, garden hose, etc.

1 major edit included in all photo packages, like replacing the front lawn, removing construction debri, etc.

Additional major edits cost $10 each.

Blue sky replacement is always free.

Free is good. Exterior elevations will have blue skies with a few puffy clouds just to keep it real added for free.
Additional travel fees may apply for shoots OUTSIDE the greater Tacoma / Seattle / Everett / North Bend area…  Usually $25 will cover it.

please have the estate ready for photography on the day of shoot. Extra fees may apply if staging or remodeling is still in process.




Straight from the camera as shot – this is what the single shot DIY photo will look like


Standard HDR processing with a 5 spread exposure – note the table and windows showcasing the limits of HDR

note the far window slant !


Take a good look …. the window on the left and the pattern in the floor along the right are much closer to vertical. This might be a small difference but some people are really  put off by warped photos – now that I pointed it out you will probably notice this more often.


This is the final CannedSwank fully edited photo

HDR + Correction + Enhancements

You don’t get professional photos like this with an as-shot iPhone photo

with no photoshop editing… !



Many of these homes were staged by  DCO InteriorDesigns

By default… all real estate photos that are photographed on grey cloudy days are edited to show nice blue skies with light puffy clouds – SCORE!

 Pricing Options

NOTES: Drone / Still Photo Package

25-40 typically….. Most homes receive at least 25 photos and up to 40 covering all the typical MLS shots

4-8 typically…… The drone shots will include 1 front elevation, 1 rear elevation, 1 direct overhead shot and 1 territorial view if warranted. larger estates with outbuildings, water front features etc., will have additional photos taken of these areas.

full panorama territorial view costs $25 extra and must be requested in advance of the photo shoot. Panorama Sample … click here




How to book a shoot…. call me… text me…. email me…. ask me if I can shoot something next Tuesday…. tell me you need a motor home edited out of the living room window view…. see some of the other photos in the client section (click here)


for $325

(photos only and photos/drone package)

25 to 40 photos including key aerial shots

1 major edit for free

blue skies for free always

$10 for additional major edits

$25 for full panorama shot, ground or aerial view