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Professional Real Estate Video utilizing the full power of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro CC

excerpts shown only – this video has about 10 additional views (not shown).

The price for a standard video similar to this sample, without moving matrix views, is approximately $500 – and – this price includes full photography

Looking for photography samples and pricing?

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All videos are rendered in full HD 1920 x 1080. Options for 4k available

The base price includes 25 views or shots – this is adequate for small to medium sized homes up to about 3000 sf.

Your video is available for as long as your home is listed.

Base package typically includes 2 or 3 exterior views, a couple close up kitchen appliance views and single views of each interior space minimum and usually double views of significant rooms like living rooms. The starting base price includes 25 shots/views and this adequate for small to medium homes.

It is possible to edit out RV’s, construction debri and other undesirable items for $50 per shot/view.

The base price includes simple left /right, up /down and in / out pans and zooms, with an occasional angled pans. Circling a chandelier or moving down halls (I call these moving matrix shots) are $25 each extra.

I can provide narration for $50 provided the agent prepares the script. The time to prepare a script can be very lengthy and typically I prefer the agent handle this task. Narration may have background music or not, agent choice. by default I provide nice jazzy music – agent may provide music of their liking as well.

Side to side pans followed by up down pan from the same tripod location count as one view/shot.


  • Time spent at beginning of shoot to layout story line and finalize cost if not possible to quote by phone or email.
  • Base price covers homes up to approximately 3000 sq ft and 5 minutes of coverage. Larger homes OK if agent agrees to an abbreviated story line.
  • Video are rendered in full high definition 1920 x 1028 HD
  • 3 day processing in most cases – or longer as if agreed upon in advance
  • Videos are provided by URL link or embed method via Vimeo. YouTube available upon request.
  • $100 discount off photography rates if you contract to have CannedSwank shoot your listing photos.
  • Each video includes nice soft jazzy background music, or other music provided by agent.


Video that moves down a hall – or progresses slowly across a window view – or moves like the movie “Matrix” around a chandelier,…. these types of video captures cost $25 each extra. Pans and zooms from a stationary tripod do not cost extra. Pans and zooms from a single tripod location count as one view/shot.
Add $50 for 4K footage. This option also provides a HD version, you get both HD and 4K.
Add $50 for local territorial locations, i.e., parks, markets, neighborhood areas and roof top shots.
Narration script provided by agent – voice over work by CannedSwank.
Additional travel fees may apply for shoots outside the greater Tacoma / Seattle / Everett area and east to North Bend, or shoots within this area that require rush hour traffic traveling. Typically a $1 per mile over 45 miles, or $1 per minute over 45 minutes is added. I am located near  Bellevue area. This cost will be assessed on a case by case basis. This fee is waived on projects over $500 up to 100 miles/minutes away.
Additional views/shots over 25 are $5 each – see agent calculator below


TRAVEL TIME FEES – I am pretty lenient with travel fees especially for repeat agent bookings, but if we are traveling south of Tacoma, north of Everett, into Kitsap County areas where we have ferry or toll fees I need to add some. Travel fees apply for time/travel over 45 miles except projects booking over $500 and this fee is waived for destinations up to 100 miles.

MOVING MATRIX VIEWS/SHOTS – there are limits to what I can do for $50. Circling a chandelier usually can only occur in an empty house. Rolling shots down hallways into rooms isn’t easy to do (for $50) over throw rugs without renting additional equipment. A rolling slide across a bedroom window is nice assuming the dresser isn’t in the way.

ABBREVIATED STORY LINES – it is possible to shoot a huge 6000 sf home in 25 views to keep the cost down, but this usually entails skipping lesser bedrooms and bathrooms, 1 or 2 views only of major rooms, maybe 1 close up of a key appliance and a handful of exterior shots.


 Pricing Options

$100 OFF

Photograph package if you contract for both photos and videos


  • 25 shots / views
  • Add blue skies yes
  • Door entrance yes
  • 1920 x 1080 content yes
  • up to 45 miles/mins
  • Shots over 25 none
  • Rolling matrix shots none
  • Narration none
  • Territorial shots none
  • 4k footage none
  • Major editing none


$$ --per item
  • included
  • included
  • included
  • included
  • $1 per mile/min over 45
  • $10 each shots over 25
  • $50 each rolling matrix shots
  • $50 narration per agents script
  • $50 per territorial shot / view
  • $50 for 4k footage
  • $50 per view requiring major editing


2 to 3 days for smaller project, 3 to 4 days for larger projects – usually less.


2 story 5 bedroom 3 bath 3700 sf home with 2 territorial shots might cost

  • 4 – 2 each 2 bedrooms (1 of the room, 1 looking out a window?)
  • 3 – 1 each 3 bedrooms
  • 2 – master bath
  • 2 – 1 each of quest bath and 2nd bath
  • 2 – living room
  • 2 – dining room
  • 3 – kitchen
  • 3 – kitchen appliance close up and or pantry space
  • 1 – entry way foyer
  • 1 – stair areas and sitting spaces
  • 5 – exterior views, 3 looking in, 2 looking out across yard
  • 2 – territorial shots
  • 1 – mud room area
  • 1 – garage space
  • 2 – basement rec room area
  • 1 – entry door
  • 2 – back deck area
  • 1 – view from master bedroom deck
  • $55 for 11 extra views (36-25)
  • $100 for 2 territorials
  • $250 base fee
  • …….. $405 total for just video

1 story home with 25 shots, no territorial shots, not photos, option for 4K

  • $250 base price
  • $50 for 4K version (you get both HD and 4K)
  • ……….. $300 total for just video

Huge 6000 sf home with photographs and 2 moving options

  • $100 extra (45-25 views)
  • $250 for full photos ($350 – $100 see photo pricing page)
  • $50 for 2 moving matrix views
  • $250 base price
  • ……… $650 total both photos and video
  • ……… $400 for just video

1500 sf home Kitsap County, with photos, located 90 miles away, with narration

  • $250 base price
  • $100 for photos ($200 – $100)
  • $150 for 2 territorial shots and 1 roof view
  • $45 for extra travel – waived
  • $50 for narration
  • ……… $550 total for both video and photos
  • ……… $450 for just video

A 25 shot/view will actually yield about 35 different views because I count pans and zooms from 1 tripod location as 1 shot/view.

Sample footage explaining a few pricing options

Sample Narration with video transition examples

full 10 minute sample


This video excerpt showcases about 10 moving matrix views and is not showing about 15 additional views.

It includes 1 territorial view and 1 roof top view. The total price – with – full photography is approximately $800