Dance highlights with Lyla Mildon – Vashon Dance Academy – 2016 Dance Recital


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a slightly different story version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – didn’t know that…..

A few key story differences: In Wonka, it’s supposed to be a lifetime supply of chocolate as the final prize. In Charlie, the specific gift isn’t mentioned, but it is said to be beyond your wildest imagination. The biggest difference in the two films is that Wonka is a musical. In Charlie, only the Oompa-Loompas break into song. Wonka’s character is explored more deeply in the new film. We see some flashbacks to his childhood with his candy forbidding dentist father (Christopher Lee) and explore his own childhood demons. Willy Wonka is even more of the central character of the new film, perhaps somewhat ironically considering the title change between the two works. Another difference is the existence of the character known as Slugworth (Wonka’s rival). In Wonka, when each child finds a ticket, Slugworth appears to offer them money in exchange for the secrets to Wonka’s secretive ever-lasting gobstopper. The new film only mentions such candy spies. Finally, the “abduction” scene of Veruca Salt is now different. Wonka‘s scene has ducks laying golden eggs, where as Charlie‘s has squirrels searching for “perfect” nuts.